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This is a section for tutorials on some of my favorite games on junk stuff and thingies. The first (and probably last) is for.... MARIO BOSS REMIX!!! This is a quasi-oficial walkthrough.
CONTENTS:(in order from bottom to top)
Mushroom Tier
  • Before you start...
  • Controls/Dictionary(1.0)
  • Robirdo (1.1)
  • Gravity Man (1.2)
  • Drill Robotnik (1.3)
  • Whispy Woods (1.4)
  • Crokomire (1.5)
    Coin Tier
  • Brightman (2.1)
  • Wiggler (2.2)
  • Flame Robotnik (2.3)
  • Kracko (2.4)
  • Dracula (2.5)
    Flower tier
  • Cloud Man (3.1)
  • Fire Man (3.2)
  • Fire Ball Robotnik (3.3)
  • Kraid (3.4)
  • Mr. Bright and Mr.shine (3.5)
    Feather Tier
  • Air man (4.1)
  • Phantoon (4.2)
  • Kamek's flying castle(4.3)
  • Snifit Tank (4.4)
  • Mecha Sonic (4.5)
    Egg Tier
  • Ground Man (5.1)
  • Shy guy (5.2)
  • Killer Coral (5.3)
  • Mecha Ridley (5.4)
  • Freeze Man (5.5)
    Star Tier
  • Agile(6.1)
  • Team Sonic (6.2)
  • Trouble Bruin (6.3)
  • Meta Knight (6.4)
  • King Dede (6.5)
    Poison Mushroom Tier (dun dun duuuuuun)
  • Sword Man (7.1)
  • Death (7.2)
  • Super Mecha Sonic (7.3)
  • Pirhanna Plants (7.4)
  • Mother Brain (7.5)
  • 1-Flotation
  • 2-Whack-A-Mole
  • 3-Yoshi's Coin Craze
    Before you begin, here is a page layout of what will be in each bosses section:

    INDEX (Such as 3.1 would be cloud man's index and 3.5 would be Mr.bright and Mr.Shine's) followed by bosses name.
    DESCIPTION:Here is where a brief discreption of the boss would go
    DIFFICULTY:Here I'd give a difficulty out of 10.
    ACTIONS:Here I'd give random names for each action the boss can do and a brief description of it.
    STRATEGY:Here I'd tell you what his attack patterns were so you could beat him and find an easier way to get openings.
    Also the game was made by Phendrana with Permission. The tutorial was made by gargle-greg, or better known as Dark Zebra.
    A- Press to Jump
    S- Press to Run
    D- Press to Turn invincible when the ice flower has been equipted and used
    Arrow Keys- Why even bother making instructions. You know what to do.
  • Recoil- After jumping on a boss, you will bounce a little bit in the air. Make sure, in your few seconds, not to touch the boss (unless on the top of the head).
  • Mushrooms- First click on the shop(on the top right) with 5 coins, then click the mushroom. The mushroom has the power to make you big as long as it activated.My favorite, cause it's cheap.
  • Coins- Coins are things you use to buy various items. Can be obtained by minigames, or beating bosses. The harder the boss the more coins you will receive.
  • Yoshi Coins:Yoshi coins are used to play minigames. To obtain defeat a boss.
  • Small form-Your avrege tiny form.
  • Big form- You get large and can survive another attack. Used by buying, then using a mushroom.
  • 1-up mushrooms-No need to activate this! To get it go to the shop with 10 coins or more and click on the green mushroom. Then when you get it, and you are in Small Form, and you get hit it will disappear from you inventory, but you will still be alive! WARNING!!! IF YOU FALL DOWN A PIT, NOT ONLY WILL YOU DIE, BUT YOU WILL LOSE YOU'RE 1-UP MUSHROOM! GASP!
  • Freeze Flower-First click on the shop with 20 coins or more, then click the blue flower. This is expesive but a necsessaty on some bosses. When you use the flower you turn blue. That just means it's active, and if you get hit it will dissapear. Press D right before you get hit and you will be invinsible! For more info, see Freeze form.
  • Freeze from- Press D to turn invinsible after you turn into ice mario buy buying, then using a Freeze Flower. If you move then you will turn off the freeze form so you have to stay perfectly still. If you get hurt while not pressing D you will resort to Small form.
  • Ice form- After pressing D in freeze form you become all icy, hence ice form
  • Shots- When I say that I mean how many times it will take for you to jump on the bosses head.
    1.1- Robirdo
    Diffuculy level: 1.7/10
    Description:EASYLITIOUS! He is the second easiest boss in the game!
    Actions:1~ He shoots a egg at you.
    Strategy: Simply jump on to the platform, while avoiding the eggs, and jump on his head. Then glide to the left with the recoil of jumping on his egg or his head, for if you touch him you will die. Repeat that process from the left of roberto in the pit, and huzzah!
    1.2- Gravity Man
    Difficulty Level: 8.9/10
    Description: HOLY FARTNAPKIN! Why is this guy in the mushroom tier!? I reccomend not fighting him until you have enough money for the strategy.
    Actions:1~ Blast-He fires a shot at you. Easily dodged with a simple jump. 2~ Ka-jump- Immitating Mario, he will jump in the air. If you are in his directions, you will be sorry. 3~ Gravity Change: Identifiable by him turning blue and squating. He will become impossible to attack, and will attack you with a barrage of blasts.
    Strategy~ First, get 35 coins. Then go to the shop and by 6 mushrooms. This might take a few tries, but at the end you might have 1 or 2 mushrooms left over. AWIGHT, here is what you do. First, run into gravity man and jump on his head. Then press 6 to get large. Let gravity man change gravity, and he will fall. From there he has a few weak spots so use mushrooms when ever you get hit, but make sure for every mushroom you use you get 2 attacks in.
    1.3- Drill Robotnik
    Difficulty Level: 3.1/10
    Description: He is not that hard.
    Actions: 1~ Rock and Roll- He will ride by, hoping you don't jump and he spears you with his drill. 2~Drill launch- Once he realises that's not gonna work he fires a drill at you.
    Strategy:Quite simple, really. Just jump directly on his head. Be careful though, as if you miss you might go flying into the drill. I used 1 mushroom here.
    1.4- Whispy Woods
    Difficuly Level: -47362947/10
    Description:A giant tree with a mouth.
    Actions:He will blow air at you while vicious apples attack you from the sky
    Strategy:Jump on his mouth while he is blowing air.If you can't beat this guy turn off the computer and get some fresh air or perhaps try
    You have to burn the rope
    Difficulty level:6.2/10
    Descripion: Woah. That's pretty freaky. Like a smaller version of Kraid (see 3.4).
    Actions: 1- Spike(like) that!?: He brings forth spikes to killify you. Everytime you hurt him those will come closer. 2-Flameeriffic!- He will launch a flame going at 90 degrees and another going diagonally down. This is hard to avoid on later levels.3-ROCKomire- He will launch 3 or 4 rocks from the sky. AVOID!
    Strategy:Jump on his head, then immdiatly junp back on the platform. Wait for him to attack, then either dodge, or parry. When the spike gets very close, the move Flameeriffic! will be extreamly dangrous, but when he does use that move he is open for an attack!
    2.1- Brightman
    Difficulty level: 7.999/10
    Description: A guy with a lightbulb on his head, can be very challenging to kill. If I were Mario, I'd pour water on his head to short circut him.
    Action:1-Jump- He jumps. 2-Shoot:-He shoots 3-Kalightofferationazing: He Kalightofferationazings(which is another term for: He turns of all zig... I mean lights, and jumps hoping you will run into him.
    Strategy: Get 5 mushrooms, wait till he jumps. Then jump on his head, then press "5". After that he will stand still giving you a chance to hit him thrice. Then run and hide, cause he uses Kalightofferationazing. When he does that run to the left, and wait for him to jump. As he jumps run under him, and repeat the process, using Mushroom when necassary.
    Difficulty: 4/10
    Description:The wiggler we all know and hate.
    Actions+Strategy: 1-Run: Wiggler charges. When he does that jump on his HEAD(no other body parts) and then use the recoil to hit him. Keep doing that until he turns red. 2-Angry Run0- The screen shakes and wiggler does the unthinkable:No , he does not become smart and climb up that platform. He runs FASTER! Just do the same strategy escept more careful.
    2.3Flame Robotnik
    Description: not hard, but complicated
    Difficulty:3.5/10, or for people doing in the hard way it's 6.8/10.
    Actions:1-Lava rise: He comes from the Lava in your direction to do 2- Flame Burst:He fires a flame at you. Just jump over it.
    Strategy:HARD WAY: Without holding S, go to were Robotnik comes out and jump on him, gliding to the other side with Recoil.
    EASY WAY: Hold S and run across him as he appears. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Description:Giant floaty Cloud thing
    Difficulty level:6.3/10
    Actions:1-Thunder: He fires a thunder beam through the middle of the screen. 2-Miniman(passive)- A little person walks from left to right. Don't touch him. 3-Loop-da-loop: He flies in a circle hoping that you don't jump. Jump.
    Strategy: Get 2 Mushrooms, wait for the Loop-da-loop. That's when he becomes vulerable. Just jump over him and land on his eye using the recoil to glide over or away from the Miniman. Use mushrooms when neccasary, and activate 1 at the beggining. Remember to be a safe distance away from the Miniman. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Description:A huge vampire with a lazer beam in stock.
    Difficulty: 4.9/10
    Actions:1-Dissaparation: He vanishes, then teleports into another spot. When he does jump on his head. 2-Energy Ball: He launches a energy ball at you, and you should duck. 3-Triple Flame: He launches 3 flames at you to jump over.
    Strategy:Wait till he uses Dissaparation, then jump on his head, but be careful not to run into him. He wait's about 1.5 seconds before he launches a energy ball or triple flame, so dodge, then jump on him before he dissapears. If he teleports on you, then you are dead, so keep a 1-up mushroom handy.
    3.1-Cloud Man
    Description: A cloud, with wind powers.
    Difficulty: 7/10
    Actions:1-Float: He will move left and right. Don't jump when you are under him. 2- Lightning kill: He sends a blast of lightning at you. For more info see Solution for Cloudman. 3- Wind: He will try to push you off the edge with wind. Run to the right when he does.

    Strategy:As he floats he is quite vulnerable, so land a attack quickly by climbing up the opposite side he is facing and hitting him. If you miss by 1 or 2 pixels you're dead. If he uses Lightning kill, it will target you, so whereever you are move!... unless of course you move of the cliff. Ouch! Remeber not to try to attack him while he uses wind. It's too risky.
    3.2-Fire man
    Difficulty level:7/10
    Discription:A evil robot with powers of fire.
    Actions: 1-Heat Wave: he fires a wave of fire. 2-Jump: He... uh... he jumps.
    Strategy: First get enough money for 4 mushrooms by playing minigames (see 8.1 or 9.1) then buy it. Activate 1 quickly and jump. Sometimes if you miss by 1 or 2 pixels you will get hurt, and fireman will also get hurt but the mushroom should take care of that. If you got hurt use a mushroom, otherwise keep attacking. His Attacks are unpredictable, but when he uses Heat Wave he usually uses Jump, so get underneath him when he does.
    3.3-Fire Ball Robotnik
    Discreption: Robotnik is back again and this time with a huge mashine
    Difficulty: 4/10
    Actions: 1-Float: He floats around. If you touch him anywhere but his dome you will die. 2-Blastit!: He fires a firey fireball that fires up the firey spirtit in his fire burned heart!
    Strategy: he is fairly easy, but is hard to hit. First, buy a mushroom. Then activate it right away (you might not need it, but just in case) then wait until HE IS EXACTLY at the bottom of the screen and leap on his dome carefully, using the recoil to not get hit on the way down. The second time he does this he will use FLoat, then follow up with Blastit so try and dodge. Then repeat the first part.
    Discreption: Don't let his size fool you, he's quite easy.
    Difficulty Level: 2.2/10
    Actions: 1-Roar: He roars so loudly mario is pushhed back slightly. 2-Talon Blast: He launches a finger to destoyify you. Easily dodged.
    Strategy: Before we start it's helpful to know that when Kraid is hurt he will randomly roar in pain and push you back. He takes about 12 or 13 hits. Here is what you should do:
  • 1: Hop up to the platform closest to his head.
  • 2: Makin sure to not fall, smash his head. Hold right when he roars so you can keep the barrage up. He should be easy doing that pattern
    3.5- Mr. Bright and Mr. Shine.
    Description: A moon and a sun. DOUBLE BOSS BATTLE! LOLZOMGBBQSAUCEL337H4X0R! Not the easiest bosses, not the hardest bosses, but for me they are the funnest bosses in the game... well second funnest actually. If you want know what the funnest is go to 7.4.
    Difficulty: 5.3/10
    Actions: 1-Leap (both): They leap into the air. Clear the path! 2-Cutter (Mr. shine (the moon(the one that looks like a crescent))): Mr shine fires a boomerang blade at you. Jump over it, not on it! 3- Flame Rush (mr bright (the sun (the one that looks like a circle))): Mr. bright curls up into a ball and fires himself at mario/luigi. 4-Lava Lash (Mr. Bright) Mr. bright fires a ball of fire at you.
    Strategy: As you can see you are surronded. Each boss takes around 6 shots to kill. You have 2 ways. 1 way is to wait until they jump towards you, then attack Mr. bright focusing in him until he is dead then going to focus on Mr shine, or You could rush Mr. Bright with a few mushrooms. Get 3 quick shots at him, and then glide to the left. Then using mushrooms when neccasary get Mr.Shine. They will jump alot and then after they land use actions 2,3 or 4. They can get tricky but remember to take out Mr.Bright first. Then it'll be a snap.
    4.1- Airman
    Description: He is one of the easiest megaman bosses. But watch out, because by megaman standards, a easy boss in Megaman, is compared to the final boss in Mario. Difficulty:6.2/10
    Actions: 1-Suck: He tries to eat you by sucking in air. Resist the urge to go flying into Mechanical peoples mouthes Mario! 2-Blow: He will blow sevral tornados. LETHAL tornados, may I add.
    Strategy: Buy your first freeze flower (you will need alot later on, but just buy one for now). Then activate it going into freeze form. First wait till he jumps toward you then stomp on Airman. Then run all the way to the left and hold D. If you don't do this in time he will use suck. If he uses suck (I guess that would SUCK if he did... *snicker*) then try to jump before you go flying into him. He will proably use suck twice before he uses Blow. If he uses Blow when you are all the way to the right (That will BLOW! Was'nt that PUNny? I guess he is Dr.Wily's biggest FAN! Alright I'm punned out)he will jump and you will be trapped with a bunch of tornados on top and airman to the left. If you still have Ice power use it now! Then switch it off and hit him.
    4.2- Phantoon
    Discription: Never seen this guy before. He is a humongous creature with two arms and a giant eye. PAY ATTENTION TO THE EYE!(more in the solution).
    1-Phanteleport: He teleports anywhere on the screen. Sometimes his body will be under the screen but his eye will always be showing. 2- Flame V.1.0: He fires two blue fire blasts at you. 3-Flame V.3.0: He fires 6 blue fire balls from the sky.
    Strategy: Before we start FOCUS ON THE EYE! When it's open it uses Flame 1.0 but when it's eye is closed it sometimes uses Flame 3.0. Only when the eye is open can you attack. Alright here is the solution: Wait until he uses Flame 1.0. A mushroom is not necassary, but bring one if you suck at this game. The flame 1.0's bounce so run in-between the gaps. Never try to attack him. Sometimes he messes up with his teleport, and only his eye will be showing, and his snout will be below the screen, so you will be safe. Then rush up to him and keep pressing S. Repeat that until he is dead.
    4.3- Kamek's flyin' castle
    Disciption: Kamek has come! Wait a minute... there is a kamek here but no Bowser? INSANTITY! He is flying around in a huge castle firing bullet bills and stuff. There are also birds everywhere causing insane lag.
    Difficulty Level:8.5/10
    Actions:1~Fly:He... uh... flies. 2~Cannon Launch: He fires 2 bullet bills from his castle. 3~Which Witch is Which?(or Kamek's flyin' broom):Kamek get's off his castle and attacks. You'd think he'd be MORE vulnerable, but he turns invincible.
    Strategy: If you have a mushroom, run up to Kamek by jumping up the flying birds and jump on his head quickly. Then glide to the right and land on a bird. Using the birds as a guide, jump to the highest one and stay there. When the castle goes off the screen Kamek will start flying around. Just try to jump over him. Never get under the castle cause he might fire bullet bills.
    4.4-Snifit Tank
    Description: A snifit surrounded by 2 cannons changing directions.
    Difficulty: 5.2/10
    Actions:1~ Presidintional Wave: He will drive by with his roof exposed and 2 cannons next to him. 2~ Cannon Shot: Each cannon will fire a bullet bill in a coressponding direction. 3~Cannon Change: Cannons move possesion after the cannon shot.
    Strategy:It's time to Sniff it! Grab a 1-up mushroom and a mushroom. If you need more coins beat pervious bosses. Move all the way to the left platform. If you fall it might run you over. When it comes near try to avoid the bullets. Land in the middle and use the recoil to glide to the right. Then run to the middle. When he comes out again his bullets will probably miss you. If they do come toward you avoid em. When he gets close jump up to a platform close to you and jump on him. Repeat process. Remeber that there is a cannon shot after a cannon change. Right after the cannons point together and shoot fall don to jump on him.
    4.5- Mecha Sonic
    Desciption: Mecha Sonic is here! Robotnik's humongous sonic replica. No match for sonic, but what about Mario?
    Actions: 1~Burst:A huge blast of energy fires from his chest. 2~Speed: He gets on his knees and rolls toward you. 3~Super Form V1.0:He attempts to go to superform, but he only becomes invincible for a little bit. 4~Burst V2.0: A rocket appears from behind and he shoots at you. 5~Super Rock and Roll: He turns into a huge cluster ball and rolls at you. He is invinvcible at this time.
    Strategy: A toughy. I bought 6 mushrooms to beat him. Awright! He usually starts with Speed, so jump over him and land on his head. He'll do that a couple more times and then use Super Form V.1.0. Don't jump on him at that time, just back off. If he uses Burst either Duck or Jump. He is pretty hard. Avoid him at all times except when he uses Speed. Then you should jump on him precisly. That's all I have. If at first you don't succeed eat cheese, cheese again.
    5.1- Ground Man
    Description: A man with a drill on his limbs. These guys are getting tough.
    Difficulty:Hard Way:7.5/10 Easy Way:2.8/10
    Action: 1~ Drill Mode: He turns into a miner car and attacks. 2~Fire Mode: He will dig under the ground and a huge drill will erupt from the sky. 3~Surface mode: After that he will pop up from the ground and become vulnerable.
    Strategy: There are two ways you could look at this. One way you could avoid all his attacks until he surfaces, then attack him and avoid his attacks again. OR you could do this: Buy a single freeze flower. Then as soon as get in the area activate it and hold "D" to go into Ice Mode. After not moving from the spot Ground Man will pop up. Take off your ice form and jump on him a couple times. Then go back into Ice form until he surfaces. Remember to hit him precisly or else you will have to resort to hard mode without your freeze flower.
    5.2-Shy Guy
    Description: A dude with a mask who runs around with insane explotiffications! He is fun to play but hard to beat.
    Actions: 1~Bombs Away!:He gets a helicopter head and flies up left to right dropping bombs. Avoid the explotions of them! 2~Bush Flame: He hides in a bush and pops out in another one. Then he catches on fire!? WTH! Get away from the bush he poped out from 'cause a huge pillar of fire will burn everything around him. As he runs, burning avoid the flames coming from him. 3~Baloon Jump: He produces baloons out of nowhere and does a ginormous jump. If you jump on him while you do that one of 2 things might happen:
  • 1:You die
  • 2: You fly very high in the sky.
    But it's usually the former.
    Strategy: Alright. Before he engages his first attack get to a place you think is far enough away from him. I can't give a propour strategy because his moves are unprodictable, however I can tell you that he runs to the center before attacking first. I will also tell you how to avoid hiss actions. When he uses Bombs Away! get into the spot right underneath where he started flying up. Then hold "A" and run outta there because he will land in the same position. When he uses bush flame remmeber to get as far away as possible from the bush he pops out from. When he starts running toward you CAREFULLY (he has fire jumping out of his hair) jump over him. 2 fire balls will come out of him before he returns normal. And baloon jump simply get out of the way. He is only vulnerable for a smalll time after each attack.
    5.3-Killer Coral
    Description: It's a extreamly laggy boss fight with a bunch of flying carpets everywhere!
    Action:1~Spike:He fires a spike from his mouth.
    Strategy: You have a choice before going in. You can either buy 3 mushrooms and activate them when you get hit OR you can buy a freeze flower and turn into Ice Form and press "D" when you know you are about to get hit.
    If you bought the mushrooms do this:
  • 1: Ride the platform going underneath killer coral, then wait till killer coral is at his lowest. Then jump up and stomp killer coral from below. This is increadibly dangrous as the slightest mistake will make you fall to your doom. But if you used the freeze flower and messed up it's a waste of 20 coins. However if you did by the freeze flower a sure-fire way to defeat him is this: Jump on the closest plat form to him using "D" when neccassary and keep going to the closest paltform to him and repeat.
    5.4-Mecha Ridley
    Discription:Oh no. OH NO. OH NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!
    Actions:1~Missle: He launches a heat seaking missile at you. 2~Fire breath:He launches a wave of fire in a pre-set area. 3~Scratch:He lifts his arms and scratches you. Deadly. But no as deadly as 3~Double scratch:He lifts up both arms and flings them outward hoping to hit you. Jump on teh platform!
    Strategy:As you enter note the platform on the wall. You will need it later. First off, you can judge he is reaaaaaaaly hard. I beat him second last. One last thing, he may use any of his 4 actions in combinations with each other, like he may use fire breath combined with a scratach or a homing missile. I can't give a play-by-play thing on what he will do but i'll tell you how to hurt him. To hurt him jump on his hand and use the elevation to jump on his head. But that is a rare opprotunity. If you jump on his head when he uses scratch or homing missile mario is toasted. When he uses homing missile make sure to stay close... but not too close... to the missile becuase when it slows down it loses it's life quickly. When he uses fire breath run between the flames.
    5.5-Freeze Man
    Description:A freeze robot
    Difficulty:6.6/10 Actions:1~Ice Fall: A icicle falls from the heavens. 2~Ice Blast:He jumps and then fires a blue icicle down
    Strategy:take a break from all those hard bosses. Just use the same strategy as the other megaman charectors, and simply avoid his attacks.His icicle attack can appear, from nowhere. What else can I say?
    Description:A main boss in megaman, or a re-coloured Sigma. He has a lightsaber
    Difficulty:Hard way:9.9/10 Easy Way:0/10
    Actions:Don't pay much attention to how ferocious his actions migh be. Just skip to the tutorial and get a for-sure way of beating him. 1~Light Saber Lash:He locks on to you and does a sweep in the air. 2~Burst Blast:He jumps up in the air and fires a shockwave. 3~Recharge:He charges for another round of attacks.
    Strategy:Okay. Easy. Super Easy. Just a pinch expensive. Buy a single freeze flower (2 if you are rich but un-confident) and enter the arena. Be very fast and activate your freeze flower. Then hold "D". He will proceed to do 3 or 4 ligh saber lashes then do 1 or 2 burst blasts (but those wont hurt you as long as you hold "D") and then use recharge. As he is recharging jump on his head. He will then go on another rampage.Rinse and repeat. Or if you don't have 20 coins you could try to avoid all his attacks but that's nearly impossible.
    6.2-Team Sonic
    Description:Tails, Sonic, Knuckles, and Super Sonic attack!
    Actions:Tails:1~Movement:He flies with his tail. 2~Attack:He swoops from the sky. Knuckles:1~Mouvement:He stands still after an attack. The attack is the only way he moves save a stance 2~Attack:He curls into a ball and swipes Sonic:1~Movement:Like knuckles he can only move with his attack 2~Attack:He spreads across the screen with a spin. Super Sonic(the REAL boss):1~Speed:He lurches down and launches himself at you. 2~Energy:He fires a energy beam from the sky. 3~Spin Jump:He jumps in the air invincibly.
    Strategy:I thought of making a detailed strategy of each section. Then I said "I would rather resort to cheating" and I did. To kill all 3 headgehogs with 2 mouse clicks
  • Right Click on the game
  • Click forward.
    Then you will skip to Super Sonic. For super sonic buy 3 mushrooms and KILLITIZE HIM! If you want to do everything the fair and honest way find another walkthrough. if you have trouble with super sonic look in the "extra section". Get the index for that in the table of contents.
    6.3-Trouble Bruin
    Description:A cat with numerous mashines and powers.
    Difficulty:Fair Way:9.3/10. Cheat Way:5/10
    Actions:Form 1:Normal:1~Walk the Walk:He will walk queerly. 2~Phyco Beam:He will fire a round of energy blasts. Form 2:Clock Mode:1~Spike fire:He will fire two spikes at you from his bottom part. Form 3:Fire Blast Form:1~Change places!:When he gets hurt he will move tothe other side.2~Main attack:He will fire SOMETHING... but I don't know what.Nonstop.
    Strategy:Like I said with sonic, don't do this unless you wanna cheat. First press forward (right click on game, forward) and you will skip to clock mode. Click forward again and you will skip to Fire Blast Form. Now it gets tricky. You can't skip this form so you will have to beat him fairly. I hope you have 2 mushrooms on you! Stay right next to him but in a low posistion (preferably ducking) then when he fires the closest shot toward you leap out, attack, and switch to other side. Or just buy a freeze flower and wait on the platform until he gets low enough so you can jump him.
    Desciption:Uh... a guy in a knight suit.
    Actions:1~Leap:He will leap up with his sword and thrash around violently. 2~Sword Slash:He will attack with his sword 3~Sword Sweep:He will fling himselft at you 4~Rock and Roll V35.3:He will actually rol himself into a ball and attack.
    Strategy:He is unpredictable. I have two strategies:1:Go all out and buy 6 mushrooms, avoid his attacks and use mushrooms when neccassary OR buy a freeze flower, hold D, wait until he is vulnerable and try to attack. Sorry I can't give better advice then that.

    6.5-King Dede
    Description:A mallet. What else can you ask for? He is some deformed from thing and a final boss from Kirby.
    Acitons:1~Leap:He lunges at you. 2~ROYAL jump:He jumps very high up. 3~Mallet Swing:He grasps his mallet and attacks you.
    Strategy:1 or 2 mushrooms is recommended. Get on his head ASAP. Try not to hit the floor, except when he uses ROYAL jump. If you stay in the air then his mallet will always miss. He is invulnerable when he puffs up his stomach.
    7.1-Sword Man
    Description:I don't know why they call him sword man. Maybe it's cause his GIANT FREAKIN SWORD!
    Actions:1~Regroup:His main attack. He splits his torso and his body up. His torso crosses downways while his body circles the top.2~Sword Slash:You are dead. He fires a big ol shockwave killing everything in that direction. 3~Harden:He will stick his sword in the ground and become invincible for a while. 4~Jump:Do I really need to explain? 5~Sword Sweep:He attacks with his sword.
    Strategy: First stock up on mushrooms. I love mushrooms. Next get behind him.To get behind him wait till he uses Regroup and quickly get behind him (hold A).Behind him is the safest place. Then all his attacks should miss. Wait until he utilises Jump and then get to a safe spot. As soon as he lands, not one second sooner or later, attack. The second time he is ready for a jump lure him back to the right and repeat process. If he uses Harden don't touch him. He hardly ever uses Sword Slash but if he does you can't escape.
    Description(poem form): He's got a scyth.
    He's got a knife
    He's got demonic powers
    He's got a cloak
    And it's no joke
    He is no bunch of flowers
    Actions:1~Knife Swing: He fires a few knives at you. 2~Energy Beam: He fires numerous bolts of energy at you. 3~Scyth Swing:He swings his scyth 4~Scyth Leap: He leaps up and swings his scyth in a protective barrier.
    Strategy: First, dodging his attacks, let him jump toward you. As he jumps run underneath him and get to the other side of him. He will be facing the other way. Then , working quickly, jump on him. Don't stop jumping on him until he is dead, you need to use a mushroom, or he jumps.
    7.3-Super Mecha Sonic
    Description:Mecha sonic on steroids
    Actions: All the same as 4.5 except with a few energy installments. Don't pay much attention to the actions.
    Strategy:Like agile, he will attack alot, then rest up for another round. just buy a freeze flower, press D, go into ice mode, wait till his round of attacks finish, then attack. Simplirric! If you want to do it the hard way, avoid all his attacks instead of holding D.
    7.4-Pirahanna Plants
    Description:7 pirahanna plants, 7 pipes, 7 attacks, 7 chances to die.
    Actions-Pipe 1:Shell Shlash: He/She/It fires a purple shell at your direction. It slides on the floor so jump up to a platform. -Pipe 2:Hoppy Happy Hel: He fires a green bugger who jumps up and down aiming for you. Try running underneath it whenit's at it's lagest jump point.-pipe 3:BOO!:He fires a homing boo at you. This is one of the most dangrous attacks in the game, however if it follows you long enough it will dissapear -Pipe 4: Fire Balls of Fury: He fires about 3 fireballs that immediatly drop to the ground -Pipe 5:Flame Seeker: He fires a flame that follows you around. More deadly then the boo!It will also run out. -Pipe 6:That's MINE:He fires a mine. It goes high into the air and lands in a certain spot. Don't step on it! -Pipe 7:Ultra bounce:He fires a big smiley face! That slauters people:). Just get to the highest platform possible and jump!
    Strategy:Buy 6 mushrooms, or 2 freeze flowers. If you have the mushrooms, follow the advice on how to avoid the attacks in the actions section. If that does not suit you buy 2 freeze flowers. Exploit the glitch in 9.2 and wait till all attacks stop. Then attack the vulnerable plant
    X-tra Stuff:Each piranna plant takes 2 shots to kill. When it dies a plant will come from the pipe. There will only be a max of 2 piranna plants out of there pipes.
    7.5-MOTHER BRAIN!?!!?!!!!!
    Actions:0~She does nothing, but has alot of defence mechanisms
    Strategy:Buy all the freeze flowers you can. Exploit glitch in 9.2.Hold "d" and without jumping make it half way across the level. Then jump up to the top part of the middle section. Hop your way to mother brain avoiding all her defence. Then jump. Use the recoil to land to the LEFT(not the right) of her. Then press "D" again and without jumping move to the other side of her. Then jump. Repeat process and you win! Go further into the walkthrough for secrets, minigames, cheats, glitches, and other junk.
    Cost: 2 Yoshi Coins
    Description:Mario has been puffed up! Help him collect coins!
    Controls:Left:Move Left Right:Move right
    Obstacles:1~ Spikey coin: instead of a coin a spikey thing apppears on teh ballon. Avoid! 2~Ghost balloon: A ghost will appear randomly on the balloon.3~Bullet Bill:Out of nowhere a bullet bill will rain from the sky. 4~Cloud:Varying in size and length scientest say a cloud is evaporated stuff.
    Strategy:This mini-game is easy. If you bounce against the wall you will go in the opposite direction fast. Just avoid the bobsticales (that's right, BOBstickles)and get the coins.
    8.2~Whack A mole
    Cost:3 Yoshi Coins
    Controls:Left:Move Left Right:Move Right (A):Mallet Swing
    Description:Mario is in a open field with a mallet, and moles are popping up everywhere. This could be trouble.
    Obstacles:1~Bullet Bil:Bullet Bill will come out of the corner and attempt to eat you. 2~Bomb-omole:I bomb-omb will come out of the moles hole(tongue twisted!)
    Strategy:Run around hitting moles that come out of the ground. Be wary of bomb-ombs and bullet bills of doom! The large moles are worth 3 coins and the small are worth 1.
    8.3~Yoshi's coin craze
    Cost: 4 yoshi coins
    Controls:Up:Move Up one block. Down:Move Down one block.(A):Make yoshi eat.
    Description:A few Coins are appearing. Make Yoshi climb areas, and eat the coins! Make SURE not to eat a spiked guy.
    Obstacles:1~Spiked Guy:If you touch him you will rapidly lose coins, and if you eat him you lose 20-60 coins!
    Strategy:You can get a lot of coins by:
  • 1:Sticking out your tongue at a high area
  • 2:Rapidly pressing down
  • 3:Your tongue will catch at least 1 more coin then normal. This is useful when there is alot of red coins. Red coins=3 coin, Yellow Coins=1 coin