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NOTE:::: Everything here is copywright of a bunch of people. The point is that not many things here are mine. Furthermore, Thanks for not sueing :)

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This is a random webcomic. The first two are bad but as you go along it gets better. When you go to the link wait till it's enlarged by hovering your cursor over the comic. If you hate webcomics, go to junk, stuff and thingies, for some links to other sites, and games for some games. Oh yeah! I added the tutorial section for everyone who is struggling on some games, so chck that out while you are here.

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Expect more, because I know that everybody in the world knows about this sight and goes to it everyday! You know who you are.
UPDATES: Febuary 02 09: Wow, i've put off the comic for what? A month now? Sheesh, if anyone knew this site existed, I'd care! ANYWAY, I'm working on a new tutorial now.
November whateverth: Added a banner and reorginised site.
October 30: One month anniversary! i only got 300 views in 30 days? I guess that's alright...if 100 of those views were not from me >.<. Also added a few comics.
October 25:Reoriginized update panel, added feature game, more stuff to junk stuff and thingies.
October 22:Added halloewwne special, and some other comics.

OCTOBER 18:Added the following:New comic, new game, 2 new embeded games in the downloadable games compartment. Just click -more links- at the page.
October 17:Added the 9th comic finally
October 15:Added lots of stuff in Junk Stuff and Thingies.
October 9-13:Worked on alot of stuff and uploaded alot of stuff. October 8:Sorry I have'nt updated in a while(not like anyone goes to this website anyway) I've been working on some stuff. The first thing is... THE FORUM!
October 6: Began working on a comic, added a eddited picture for the Junk,Stuff, and thingies section. Working on third section. Added lawyer junk that no one will read.

October 5: Made new comic, added a couple new points of intrest.
October 4: Finished a new comic, and added a new section of the site. It took me over a hour to write all that Html for making that picture transport you! October 3:advertised for the first time, began working on part 3 of the comic.(finished)
October 2:added the second part of the previous comic
October 1:added a comic
September 30-added website
September 31:added 2 comics No part of this website may be copied or stolen, in whole or part, or blah blah blah. Further more Blah, blah blah, BLAH BLAH BLAH blooby blaba blab blah. I hope you enjoyed this lawyer junk.