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Welcome to the spot named "Junk, Stuff, and (most importantly) Thingies! Here, I'll put some stuff of interest.
1st piece of intrest: A game called "I wish I were the moon". You should definatly play this game (it got front page on newgrounds!-YAY!) You basicly click and drag stuff to make things happen. Like you can kill the boy or the girl, make the girl a angle, or even fly them away on a seagul! Here are a couple more games from newgrounds
Now for some games, which evverybody loves. First up is Paladin But be warned:That game is bloody. If you want a more relaxing game, try try mdeiaval quest! It's a choose your own adventure game!
Another game for you! It's a little puzzle game.
Now on newgrounds there are pretty cool games like the ones you just saw... BUT There are cooler games. Among my personal favs are... Mario:Boss remix. This game is HARD! I repeat. HARD. I beat it though just cause I'M AWESOME. Oh yeah, if you need a tutorial (made by yours truly) click here
Another awesome one is...Aretmus Lamenia Duo. If you want a impossible game then go to...THE IMPOSSIBLE QUIZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a cookie if you win!. As well, there is Blockhead!

Here is my favorite series on newgrounds. You should check out a couple of those episodes. Also try half beard which is halarious. I'm not a big fan of movies but I looove music! Try these music vidios!:
#1 is move your feet, which is quite catchy.

The other is #2:everybody jam , my favorite song ever. Another is #3:I'm the scatman, the prequel to everybody jam.
Fans of calvin and hobbes will love these!calvin and hobbes!
De_dust2 is a story which is funny, BUT DON'T WATCH IT! It has blood in it! Not much blood, but some blood. GASP! NO BLOOD!.
Here are webcomics made by my dear friends(actually I have no Idea who they are).
The first is one called order of the stick! i learned about it when I saw the board game at a friends house. Just click "the order of the stick," to go!.
The second one is dubbed, that has funny final fantasy charectors, suitable for ages 79 and up.(jk)
Awesome right? Well here is something 10-no 20 times more awesome: HAND GESTURES! And here is a cool sprite, which I edited.

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