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Evolution Sqaured-Teh awesomeness!

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This is tutorial #2. It's all about a game called Evolution Squared. I'll cover everything from controls, to achievements, to tips and tricks.

  • Information (0.0)
  • Controls (0.1)
  • Starting Off (0.2)
  • Difficulty Levels (0.3)
  • Goal (0.4)
  • Game Overview (0.5)
  • Before you begin... (1.0)
  • Stage 1(1.1)
  • Stage 2(1.2)
  • Stage 3(1.3)
  • Conclusion to this round(1.4)
  • Changes (2.0)
  • New Food (2.1)
  • Stage 4(2.2)
  • Stage 5(2.3)
  • Conclusion to this round(2.4)
  • Changes (3.0)
  • Stage 6(3.1)
  • Stage 7(3.2)
  • Stage 8(3.3)
  • Stage 9(3.4)
  • Conclusion to the game (3.5)
    Tips'n tricks for maximum points
  • The "Autobite" feature (4.0)
  • The "Edible squares" feature (4.1)
  • The "Enemy Spawning" feature (4.2)
  • The "Special Mode" feature (4.3)
  • The top row features (4.4)
  • The ever important "special mode" feature (4.5)
  • Column 1- The easiest (5.0)
  • Column 2- Slightly Harder (5.1)
  • Column 3-Miscellaneous P1 (5.2)
  • Column 4-Miscellaneous P2 (5.3)
    Estamated time until completion: 9-15 days.
    Information (0.0)
    This walkthrough/tutorial is about Evolution Squared. It is free work, just cause I like tutorials, and I have permission from Sirrealsim. Walk through by gargle-greg AKA dark zebra.
    Controls (0.1)
    Up arrow: Move your creature up (unless in invert mode)
    Down arrow:Move your creature down (unless in invert mode)
    Left Arrow:Move your creature left (unless in invert mode)
    Right Arrow:Move your creature right (unless in invert mode)
    Space:Bite when auto-bite is off
    Mouse:Use in mouse mode
    P:Pause the game
    Starting Off (0.2)
    While starting off, you get a preloader followed by a title screen. The top button takes you to the game page, the middle takes you to your lab and achievements, and the bottom gets you your options.
    Difficulty Levels (0.3)
    There are 3 main difficulty levels:Easiest Mode, Normal, And hard@#* mode. There are also a few in beteween not listed. For more info on edible squares, enemy spawns, special games, and auto bite go to the Tips'n tricks section.
  • Easiest Mode:Auto bite on, Edible Squares Maxed, Easy Spawn time.
  • Normal:Auto bite on, medium enemy spawn time, edible squares.
  • Hard^*! mode:Auto bite off, hardly any edible square, medium es, a lot of spawned enemies.
    Goal (0.4)
    The goal is much like Spore, except you can't chose what you evolve into (so don't say he stole the idea, cause he really did not). You must evolve through water as a small square, then growing a tail, feet, wings, and an aura for outer space. You must win the game by fully evolving, and surviving clampers, ninjas, and evil pelicans of doom. Then you gotta lay an egg. You must also get all the achievements. And there are ALOT of achievements. Not as many as
    animorphus + but still a lot.
    Game Overview (0.5)
    This game is cool. What were you expecting? Plus, why would you need to look at a game overview for a walkthrough anyway? You are probably just here for the achievements. Now, get to the other sections!
    Before you begin... (1.0)
    Before you start you should look at the options section or the intro for this tutorial. You should also be experienced with your keyboard, and in some cases know when to dodge and how. Click the start button, and adjust the difficulty (if it's your first time set it to "easiest mode" and click GO.
    Stage 1 (1.1)
    Now that the boring intro is done lets get into the first stage. It will vary depending on what difficulty you are on but here is basicly what you should do... since there is not any challenge here and no enemies just aim yourself at a target and hold the up. If you have auto bite off press space bar when you are over your food. As soon as you eat one... DING! You get an achievement! Quickly finish off this level.
    Stage 2 (1.2)
    Unfortunately this round is not as settling as the last round. A enemy has appeared called the Sharp-E. It moves in a predictable pattern. You will also see the rare "green food". No tips here, besides to be more careful then last time.
    Stage 3 (1.3)
    The enemies are more then before. Avoid going near the bottom, as there is a new enemy! He pops up from the bottom and attemts to rip off your face. Also you know have a tail and arms.
    Conclusion to this round (1.4)
    With you're legs you are free and jump out of the water! Now you are on land...
    Changes (2.0)
    Now, instead of floating around, you will be able to jump and move left and right. In mouse mode move your mouse up to jump, and in reverse mouse mode move it down.