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Greg Rules
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01:The beggining.
02:Bass the Arse.
03:Arguiing amongst yourself(Yay for HTML!)
Since that one was a bit blurry, I will reproduce the text: As the 3 heads start arguing proto man says "This guy is nuts!" To which the 3 headed monster replies "Let me introduce us. This is Me, Myslef, and I'm I. We will be your executionors" Then Megaman says "what!?" and the snake thing says "Aw forget it. C'mon and do the dirty work Drakath!" Everything before and after that section should be legible

04:ProtoMan's carelessness
Since that also had one blurry text, I will reproduce it: In the first panel of the Backstory Megaman says:"Like a Taco, right?" and then he says "Yeah, yeah, I know THAT much."
05:Protoman's over dramaticness
06: The plot unfolds
Is that a fight I smell? Naw... probably that chilly cheese dog.
08:Mario Megaman?
A Little joke This is just for fun, because I learned how to edit a bit better.
That one was kinda rushed.
09:The end of Bass
10:The end of the castle
11:Denying the laws of phyiscs( Half comic today, folks!)
Halloween Special #1
13: Hyrule
14: Bad pun
16:If you understand this joke you need a life
17: Link Meets Protoman
18:If you don't understand this joke you need a life Episode 5:Protoman's over dramaticness Commentary:Wow, Protoman is crazy!
Episode 6:The plot unfolds Commentary:Here we see the mario bros. I was experimenting with luigi sprites. First he was 8 bit, then he was a bit more advanced, then I settled with the super star saga luigi.
Episode 7:Vignettes Comments:I named it vignettes because it switches from mario world to megaman world. This was one of my favorite comics. Twas very funny.
Episode 8:Mario Megaman? Comments:If you are confused with that last panel, Bass got sucked up by the wind gate, and got turned into Garlog.